I am a photographer based in Islington, London, England and I am always looking for new models, most of the men I photograph are regular guys, typically they eat well and stay in great shape and many of them have gone on and had successful modelling careers. I keep my photography natural with very minimal editing.

If you have a physique with good definition and are relaxed about showing it off then you will probably enjoy working with us. I would typically arrange to meet you and show you my work and then if we are both happy we go on and do a shoot on the day. We offer paid work, or sometimes with new faces we can accommodate a few test shoots where you can get copies of the photographs in exchange for your time.

Depending on what project we are working on; a shoot is typically a range of photographs, sports themed, physique shots in underwear and sometimes nicely done arty nude shots. I have earned my living from photography doing this commercially since 2003 so I am used to make it easy and fun for our models.

If you want to model for us send me your details below.

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We are looking for athletic male models 18 years old to mid 20s. Best photos to send us are: a head & shoulder shot & one or two that show your body, taken in the last 2 days. Your own photos taken into a mirror are best, just stand straight on to the camera, like examples shown and leave photos un-edited.

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General advice for anyone thinking of taking up modelling

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    I have been doing photography for over 10 years and I hear time and time again from men and women who are trying to break into modelling the same story; they are "enticed" to one of these companies for a portfolio. It won't help you at all and is a complete waste of money. Natural shots, un-styled, no make-up and simple standing straight onto the camera are best. A friend can take them against a plain background.
    Anyone can buy a camera these days and call themselves a photographer, it's a pretty meaningless term. So worth asking is it a hobby or do they make their living from photography. There is no issues either way, but you should know these things:
    1. Model releases - Most model releases are what is called "open" so basically the photographer can do anything with them once you sign it. So think before you sign an open release especially if you are only paid a small fee.
    2. Photographer website and address - Any photographer making a living in photography will have a good website and place of work published on the website
    3. Taking a friend along - I can never see a reason why you cannot take someone along to a shoot. If a photographer says "no" you may want to ask them why.
    4. Nude work - Never do nude work unless you are paid well for the work being asked of you and you know where the photographs are going.
    Don't pay anyone to represent you
    Models must work hard to look their best - a healthy diet, regular exercise and general TLC are all essential. What you wear is also important. But looking great is only half the job. Being professional is a must. This means turning up on time, having a positive attitude and generally getting along with everyone at the casting or on the shoot. If you can do all this, your chances of a good career will increase enormously. Remember that competition for work is fierce and standards today are higher than ever.

    If you are going to approach any of these agencies and you are male don't waste time or money getting photos done; be at least 16 years old and at least 5'11 and you are best to do a walk in casting, check each of their websites for the details or phone and ask about a walk in casting.

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